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HydroClenz™: the safe and effective way to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in your water system
  •   Cost effective – Single unit provides protection for 3 and 5 years
  •   Use in hot or cold water systems
  •   Provides continual protection against the growth of pathogenic bacteria
  •   Prevents the build up of scale, biofilm and corrosion
  •   Easy to use and simple to install
  •   Environmentally friendly: no chemicals, non-powered, low maintenance

Ideal for:need some help

  •   Domestic hot water systems
  •   Heat pump systems
  •   Safety showers
  •   Drinking water systems
  •   Whirlpool spas
  •   Solar powered hot water systems
  •   Stored water systems
  •   Tank fed eye/face wash systems (fed directly from tanks only)

The HydroClenz range (click links below for further information):

HydroClenz 2000:  for stored cold water systems where the maximum temperature is 45°C.

HydroClenz 2000 (SS): for safety showers

HydroClenz 3000 Inline: for re-circulating or pumped water systems

HydroClenz is a range of cartridges that use media technology (active ceramics + copper-silver ionisation) to provide constant protection against the growth of pathogenic bacteria including legionella.  They also prevent the build up of biofilm, scale and corrosion. Each cartridge provides a minimum of 3 years protection (5 years for stored water). Other benefits include:

Allows the safe reduction of temperature to comply with Part G of Building Regulations

Achieves significant cost savings in energy, system maintenance and replacement equipment.